What is the WordPress

What is the WordPress?

WordPress is a free open-source content management system(CMS) platform where you can create a blog and design a website. It is developed in PHP and connected with MySQL or MariaDB database. In WordPress, you can install plugins and can activate Themes as per your choice.

In World maximum websites are working on WordPress due to Simple and free open source.

A Content Management system is a user-friendly tool on which we can add and change the content without knowing the programming language.

If You are not a programmer then don’t worry you can easily change according to your choice.

Is WordPress website free?

Yes, you can create a free website on WordPress. These are the following steps:
1. Visit www.wordpress.com
2. Sign Up
3. Choose your free domain(domain name included WordPress Example: www.technology.wordpress.com)
4. Customize your website
5. Click on Publish site.

What is the main difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

The main difference between WordPress.com and wordpress.org is explained in the given table. You can easily get your point:-

WordPress.com WordPress.org
WordPress.com will host your website
(Less freedom)
You can host your website according to your choice
(Full freedom)

We will recommend you wordpress.org because you can build a beautiful website or blog or app for anything as per your choice.

wordpress.org - searchenginebank

What are the components make up a WordPress website?

These are the following components that make up a WordPress website after installation:

1. Admin Dashboard

WordPress dashboard admin

When you sign in to the WordPress admin panel after installation the screen comes like given in the image. Whatever you want to change on the website you can change from the dashboard.

2. Posts

Posts are the most important part of a website. All Blogs content is managed in the post component. You can add the article, images, videos in the post section.

posts - what is the wordpress

If you writing a blog for a specific topic then you can also create a new category and choose that category and update your blog post.

You can also change the headings. When you click on the paragraph icon and then all headings will visible. So, you can select a heading as per your choice to attract a better blog for the audience.

From the Search Engine Optimization(SEO), point of view headings is very important with content.

3. Media

Most of the files we can upload directly from the post while When you want to upload and save extra Audio, Video and PDF files then you can also use the media library.

media library

Once you select a file then the link will be generated for a particular file that links you can directly use in your blog posts or pages.

4. Pages

Pages are approximately the same as a post but the main difference is page keeps the static information with website structure whereas in the post we regularly update the content.

For Example, SearchEngineBank is providing SEO service then we will create a static service page but we can write blog posts relevant to the service.


5. Themes

Themes are the main user interface appearance of your website. when you change a theme then content will visible according to your theme structure.


When you download or install WordPress then you will get some default themes But according to your choice, you can also install a new theme.

How install a new theme in WordPress?

Click on appearance – Themes – Add New – Search Theme

After searching for a theme, Activate and customize it. So that website appears beautiful.

6. Menus

Menus are the navigation structure of your website like which page you want first in the header section. So you can change from the menu section. You can also create a subsection of the pages in the menu.


7. Widgets

Widgets are a feature of your website in which we can change like the recent posts, recent comments, search bar and RSS feeds, etc.


With the help of the widget, we can also change the sidebar and footer as well.

8. Plugins

Plugins are the key feature in WordPress that’s the reason WordPress has become famous for website development. Plugins give extra functionality for website design in few clicks. You have not required programming.


You can take an idea from the image. There are some plugins installed by default.

You can also install a new plugin according to your website requirements. Click on the plugin – add new plugin – search plugin name and install.

Add new plugins


Visitors visit your website or webpages if they spent some time reading a blog then they give feedback via comment. Some users want to resolve the query if they got their points they give feedback via the comment section.


We can check the comments via the dashboard. If comments are relevant to the website or authorized then we can be approved if the comment is spammy then we can trash.


In this article, we have completed the basic WordPress journey for beginners. we have done all core components like from admin dashboard, Posts, media, Pages, Themes, menus, widgets, plugins, comments, etc. We learned how WordPress works.

If you have any queries then you can write in the comment section and you can also contact us we will resolve your issues.

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