popular search engine in India

Popular Search Engine in India

Are you searching a popular search engine in India?

Okay, but Why?

According to me, you want to promote or submit your data on search engines. So that Users easily identify with you and reach up to you.

Am I Right?

Yes, In the digital world maximum User, Customer, client Companies, etc. They interconnect with each other with the help of search engines.

There are many search engines in India like Google, Youtube, Amazon, Yahoo, Bing, live.com. alexa.com. baidu.com, Ask.com. duckduckgo.com. Aol.com. excite.com etc.

Which is the most Popular Search Engine in India?

Google is one of the best Search Engine In India. Google Captured More than 75% Traffic. The Maximum Traffic comes on google with the help of organic or Paid searches.

best popular search engine in India

What is the Process of Search Queries on Google Search Engine SERP?

When you search a query or keyword on Google then It Shows the result at SERP according to Google Algorithms. 

Search Queries on search engine

Google algorithms provide the result in the following way.

  • feature snippet
  • Schemas
  • Video
  • Feature Snippet:

When you Search an query on google then result shows in the form of summary at the top of the SERP(Search Engine Result page).

  • Schemas

If you search a keyword on Search Engine the result show in the form of Article, Book, Breadcrumb, Carousel, Contact, Review, Events, Job post, Local Business, logo, Sitelink Search box, Social profile, Question/Answer, Product & FAQ etc.

  • Video

For example when you search a keyword with our intention then some time result come in the form of Video.

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There are many googles algorithms. Google updates algorithms on the regular basis. We have to execute the plan of the SEO according to algorithms So that It is easy to rank a keyword on the Search Engine.

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