What is the Search Engine Optimization

What is the Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO stands for S-Search E-Engine O-Optimization. SEO is a part of digital marketing that is used to improve the organic traffic on the website or web pages via keyword ranking and content visibility on search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. What is the search engine optimization factor:

  1. On page search engine optimization
  2. Off page search engine optimization

What is the On-page search engine optimization(SEO)

On-page SEO is a process in which we optimize a website or web pages for search engines or visitors. On page depends upon the following process:

1. Website speed

Audience visit on your website then they spend more time on your website if-

Your website should be quick

If not, then visiter will bounce back from webpage.

How can you check website speed:-

  1. Visit on google.
  2. Search and click on pagespeed insights.
  3. Put your website url and analyze it.
website speed - search engine optimization

2. Meta Tags

Meta Tags are essentials relevant to content or keywords. Some of the common meta tags are to pay attention to search algorithms like meta title, meta description, meta robots and meta keywords.

Meta Title

Meta title describes the title of the page and is inserted in between the head section. The title length should be between 40 to 60 characters. Usually, google shows only the first 60 characters.



<title>Title name </title>


Meta Description

Meta Description is a brief explanation of the content to attract the user. The Ideal Length of the meta description is 140-160 characters.


meta description-search engine optimization

3. Quality Content to Attract to Audience

Content is the most important part of the website. When a visitor visits your website and How much time is spent on the webpage it depends on the content.

Content is the King

-Bill Gates

Nowadays, Marketers know “If we put kind of good quality content on the website that content increase drives traffic and then we can grow our business”.

Note:- Always avoid copy and thin content.

According to Google search central, the panda algorithm affects the ranking of websites those websites contain low quality and contain duplicate content.

4. Page Crawlability

A Crawler or bot (Also known as Spider) comes on the web page and analyzes the content If the website hasn’t any issue the bot has easily accessed the page.

It depends upon the link structure. If your link is broken then the spider will stop the crawling process.

Use correct relevant internal and external link structure in between the content.

Internal link

An Anchor text that is linked to another page URL on the same website is known as internal linking.

External link

An Anchor text that is linked to another website URL is known as External linking.

5. Website Mobile friendly

Nowadays, Every person has a smartphone. Maximum users spend time on mobile in electronic devices. So, smartphones have become the first source of drive traffic on websites.

Your website is mobile-friendly or not?

  1. Search “mobile friendly test” on Google
  2. You will find below search, put you web page or website url and click on “Run Test”.
mobile friendly test - search engine optimization

What is the Off-page search engine optimization(SEO)

In the Off-page SEO, process actions are taken outside the website that action improve the rank of the website on search engine results pages. The maximum off-page process depends on quality backlinks.

These are the following off-page SEO activities impact on Rankings:

1. Link Building

If you are creating backlinks on a quality website then It helps to improve ranking.

It will be better if you create backlinks on do-follow and high Domain Authority(DA) sites.

I want to suggest to you some link building activities which definitely help you to improve in keyword ranking like

  • Profile creation
  • Bookmarking
  • Forum Submission
  • PPT/PDF submission
  • Infographics (both on page and off page)
  • Article submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Classifieds
  • Business listing
  • Quora (Q/A)
  • Press release Submission.
  • Video Submission (Use website/webpage link in description)
  • Comments

2. Guest Posting

Guest Posting is an important key to improve the website ranking.

If you are looking for a Guest post then visit SearchEnigneBank.

3. Social media sharing

Social media sharing is an essential part of off-page activities. When We share content or video on social media then it helps in brand awareness.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) works on two factors on-page and off-page. If you are looking to generating traffic on your website then take action on “website Audit” if your website is completely optimized then work on off-page activities. Definitely, both strategies will help you.

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