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How Earn Money With Blog?

Have you heard about blogging? if yes, then definitely some questions come to our mind. How to earn money with a blog? Don’t worry about that I will definitely help you here.

Before going to start I want to ask one question……

How much money you can make from blogging?

According to an individual profession, There are different types of blogging like Health, food, lawyer, Travel, doctor and financial, etc. Some bloggers are earning around $900-$2 million per year.

How much money you are making, depends upon the following factors such as:

  • You should passionate about blogging in your interest field.
  • How can you get traffic on your blog?
  • How much time you are giving into learning and develop new skills?
  • What are the digital marketing techniques you are using?

There are some other factors like motivation, network, patience and future plans like goals.

If you have knowledge in your interest field and digital marketing skills then you can move fast in blogging world.

What are the methods by which bloggers earn money with blog?

There are many methods but it depends on you which method you customize in your blog.

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Services
  4. E-Books
  5. Guest Post
  6. Online Coarses
  7. Campaign for Brands or organisations

I think you are already aware of some methods. Let us go with the flow :

1. Google Adsense:

Google Adsense helps content publishers to make money via online content but You have to need approval. If you get approval then keep the space for ads in your blog or website where you want. Google algorithm always shows the ad according to interest to relevant to the content.

Google adsense- what is search engine optimization

2. Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is the best way to earn money quickly. Nowadays, most bloggers are earning a lot of money through affiliate advertisements. In a single Sale, you can get good money.

How can we do affiliate marketing:

Firstly, Create a vacant space for affiliate partner ads on your webpage. Put ads on webpage If visiter click on that particular ad and purchase that product. Then the affiliate partner company will give you the discount as per sale.

For Example, the Amazon Affiliate program is the most popular marketplace.

3. Services:

Services depend on your skillset. In which skill you are better you can offer like Search Engine Optimization(SEO), WordPress, PPC, SMO and content writing or all.

Since last year, I have used SEO and WordPress services. I have done many projects in SEO and WordPress. But For services purposes create a new page on your website and keep highlight those pages in the blog or menu.

Honesty, If You will get 4-5 clients then you can easily earn good money.

4. E-Books:

Have You Seen most of the bloggers create their own eBook? Yes, It is correct.

If You have good skills then create a pdf or eBook and sell it on Amazon. If You start the process and the Audience will purchase your book then you can earn a decent amount of money.

You can also promote a hard copy of the book.

5. Guest Post:

I got a lot of emails from companies regarding the guest posts. Even Some bloggers also send an email for a guest post. But for that level, Your website should be with more traffic.

You can charge from the client as per the blog and you can also earn money from the guest posts.

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